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Bashful Fox Cub Small - 18 cmBashful Fox Cub Small - 18 cm

Bashful Fox Cub Small – 18 cm


Cheeky little Bashful Fox is a jiffly ginger cub with fluffy white ears, feet and tail-tip. He loves to play giggly games, but this wily fox is far from tricking you; fun times and treats are for everyone he meets!

SIZE: 18cm

Cordy Roy Fox Medium - 38 cmCordy Roy Fox Medium - 38 cm

Cordy Roy Fox Medium – 38 cm


Cordy Roy Fox is full of mischief, and loves to play adorable tricks! Being so soft and cordy-cute, no-one suspects this sweet ginger cub. Cuddly and bubbly, with little white patches, he’s always smartly dressed. He’s loyal to his friends and always shares his sweets, so we can’t stay cross at this cheeky fox.

SIZE: Medium 38cm

Jolie Mouse - 30 cm

Jolie Mouse – 30 cm


Jolie Mouse is all dressed up to skip and scurry in style! This gentle grey mouse has sweet blushing cheeks that go so well with that shimmery pink dress! Covered in stars, with squishy ears and a long tail, this squeaky friend is a soothing sweetie.

SIZE: One size 30cm